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  • cancer-preventable

    30-50% Of Cancers Are Preventable

    Globally, about 1 in 6 deaths is due to cancer. However, between 30-50% of cancers are preventable by healthy lifestyle, public health measures and early detection, treatment and cure.

  • reverse-cancer

    Reverse The Cancer In Asians

    Asians make up nearly 50% of the global population, yet only 5% of genetic studies involve Asians. By funding cancer research, it helps to accelerate the advancement of cancer treatment and empower Asians with proper screening and treatment, therefore improving survival rates.

  • stand-solidarity

    Stand in solidarity with cancer patients

    When you make the decision to go bald, you connect and support cancer patients with emotional empathy. You are telling them that they are not alone in their battle against cancer and that you are standing by them.


    Bald & Beautiful (B&B) is a cancer awareness initiative aiming to gather participants to go bald and raise funds to:

    Accelerate the advancement of cancer research.

    Support cancer patients and their families.

First launched in 2012, Bald & Beautiful has garnered increased support and attention.

  • BB2012
    Bald & Beautiful 1.0 was held in 2012. 178 participants went bald and RM250,000 raised.
  • BB2015
    Bald & Beautiful 2.0 was held in 2015. 975 participants went bald and RM 1.2 million raised.
  • BB2018
    Bald & Beautiful 3.0 was held in 2018. 1,650 participants went bald and RM2.2 million raised.
  • BB2018
    Bald & Beautiful 4.0 was held in 2021. 1,672 participants went bald and RM3.2 million raised.


  • Cancer Research Malaysia (CRMY)

    CRMY is a non-profit cancer research laboratory researching cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment programs to reduce cancer incidence and mortality.

    We are delighted to highlight some significant achievements by CRMY for your attention:

    An oral cancer vaccine has been developed and clinical trials will commence in 2022!

    Completed one of the largest screens to identify the genes responsible for oral cancer & the largest genomic map of Asian breast cancers!

    Developed a new treatment for Asian head and neck cancer patients.

  • Sarawak Children's Cancer Society (SCCS)

    SCCS is an NGO that specialises in supporting cancer patients and their families. It provides counselling for cancer children, buddy programs, palliative support, monthly financial subsidies, medical treatment not covered by the government and transport subsidies.