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Let Agriculture Connect Everyone (L.A.C.E)

Helping the Underprivileged Community

During this pandemic, we know that the rate of unemployment has increases and stock market has plunge. In Malaysia we had to face many challenges to deal with this problem especially the citizen. We come up with this project to help ease the burden. This project was to expose the youth and villagers on making side income from this project and gain knowledge in agriculture using fertigation system. This project is easy to adapt, and the crops also can be sold as there is always a food demand on this plant in our country.

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Overview of Issue / Background

During this pandemic, we know that the rate of unemployment has increases and stock market has plunge. In Malaysia we had to face many challenges to deal with this problem especially the citizen. We come up with this project to help ease the burden. This project was to expose the youth and villagers on making side income from this project and gain knowledge in agriculture using fertigation system. This project is easy to adapt, and the crops also can be sold as there is always a food demand on this plant in our country.

Project Objectives (Vision & Mission)

1.Vision: Allow people to gain knowledges and side income

2.Mission: Introducing the Fertigation System in society


a) Collect data on the area of project

b) Identify and produce a team management with the villagers

c) Construct a planting system in the area of project

d) Extract the crops then sell it

Project Details (Activities and Tasks)

Activity 1



Site visit

  • Check the proposed area
  • Meet with the head of village
  • Mark the area of project

Activity 2



Project briefing

  • Give a talk
  • Divide into 2 groups

Items preparation

  • Prepare items for the project together with villagers
  • Install/Setting up the necessary item for the project
  • Teach villagers to set up the system

Activity 3




Last preparation

  • Finish up the project


  • Inauguration by head of village

Expected Project Result & Outcomes

In response to this project, we expect that this project will have an outcome of:

  • Helping people to find work so that they can support their family during this Covid-19 outbreaks.
  • To improve the system of farming for gardeners so it will make easier for them to plant any tree they want.
  • To give people knowledge and help them to build their own irrigation system so that they can used it in the future.
  • Develop skills in farming, planning, and teamwork between our team members.
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Project Information

Project leader name   :   Faisal Sabrin

Section I

The goals to achieve by means of this project is undoubtedly delivering happiness as project for happiness show that helping others can boosts happiness especially for the people who in need. Moreover, our project can be the cause which connects individual happiness with wider community and societal wellbeing. This project also enables to create awareness to villagers that farming is not difficult and it can be an incredibly good source of income. Last but not least, Khindness is the key to creating a happier, more trusting local community.

Dividing workloads and identifying roles contributed a lot to this project. Each person is an important piece in the overall project. Every team member was given a role and a task to complete within a due date that was agreed by all team members. Team members cooperation was a big contribution to the ultimate success of our project. We also raised fun and achieved our target by collecting RM1000.00 which was immensely helpful to start the project at the initial stage.

Unanticipated Difficulties:

The biggest challenge that need to be faced is the lack of communication among the group member as everyone was working from their home due to the MCO. Effective communication is very important for a successful project. This is because miscommunication will affect group teamwork and progress of the project. It seems that there was a bit hard and challenging to make a discussion virtually. So, a few session of meetings through Google Meet is held to ensure each of the member is clear with goals and their roles to run this project.

Budget issue:

To complete this project, the overall cost needed is around RM 4945 and more than 60 percent of the  cost was sponsored by Khind Starfish Foundation. In order to solve budget issue and cover the cost, fundraising is absolutely need since it is the most effective way to gain money during this pandemic as other type of activity to gain money is so limited.

There is no language or cultural barrier occurred as this project were conducted and one of our member village in Sabah. Thus, it is easy for us to communicate and spread awareness about the important of this project to get a better income especially for the unemployed villager through farming.

The project is worked well as the project is finished on time and shows the community how does the fertigation system of chili plant is working. Hence, the villagers will able to manage the project later and using this farming system to gain their incomes. While, our group will keep observing and facilitate them to ensure the fertigation system project is working efficiently from time to time.

Firstly, inadequate time and worker to finish the project as set up activity need to be postponed and follow the SOP for MCO. But, the project  still finish on time and achieve the quality as we expected. Moreover, launching ceremony also affected  as there was no ceremony allowed. The ceremony only involves the agreement with head village to officiate this project.

In this project, it will beneficial to all villagers especially youth at Kampung Dempelang, Tuaran Sabah. The Main objectives of LACE is try to give awareness to villagers in how to farm by using fertigation. So, according to this project, we can develop skill in farming to the villagers. They will learn step by step in how to use fertigation in farming process. Furthermore, our LACE project will help unemployed youth and villagers to get some income by working in this project. They also can use the knowledge in fertigation by their own to be use in their farm. By this project, the villagers can beneficial both knowledge and product (vegetables) from fertigation to be use in for the daily life. For example, they can use the fertigation skill in their farm and for the result they can sell or use it.

For the long-term impact for this project, we are hopefully that the youth on the villagers will be more interested in farming. They also can gain more income by using this method. We also want to acknowledge people that farming is not hard and easily to be handle by using the effective method. We are sure by this project, the villagers will not having any problem with vegetables sources. We expecting that after this project will be conducted, there are a lot of people will learn take in part in the fertigation farming.


Section II

For short term effects, this project will contribute a large scale of income for the villagers and this may secure their source of money especially due to the pandemic. This current project will manage to contribute as a financial benefit in a form of an income for the villagers. This will aid in the villager's livelihood and hopefully produce self-sufficiency during this unforeseen pandemic. With this we hope that the villagers involved gain more happiness when planting and harvesting their own effort. Hence, the financial benefits this project introduces may indeed bring happiness to the villagers in a form of financial stability.

For long term effects, it is with great confidence that the knowledge that is found within this  project can be widely grasps and adapt by the villagers. We hope to see that the practicality and skill of this project to be shared amongst other villagers, and also the youths so that they can enjoy and share its financial benefits. Thus, overall improving the undeveloped area, as well as the wellbeing of the villagers and most importantly happiness. We also hope this project will produce a lot of people involved and gain more knowledge about the farming skills to use this as their source of income. Moreover, we hope that this knowledges and practice widely spread among people in need and spreading happiness. 

Without a second thought, our group will absolutely agree to the notion that this project has definitely changed our perspectives of the world. The particular reason for circumstance, we can see that in society there are multiple levels of financial stability and instability amongst people across Malaysia  and around the world, this project has widened our appreciation for our lives as some others may not share similar experience as we do. For that our group personally believe that this project was a humbling experiences and an excellent exposure to mind changing wisdom about the world.

Furthermore, this project let us know the importance of helping each other during this pandemic and realize that we can help those in need by sharing the knowledge. These knowledge can help not only the villagers, but it may bring experience to the youths as well. In the long term, demand for agriculture is going to rise, and with it, the job opportunities and salaries will too. Hence, we should develop interest towards the agriculture industry too.


  1. “It gave me a new perspective in life where some people are unfortunate enough to live in an undeveloped area than the city. So, from this, it makes me appreciate and grateful for what i have. ”
  • Faisal Sabrin
  1. “I have learned that happiness comes from everywhere . Including in agriculture, we still can pursue our passion to make it more fascinating. ”
  • Irra Natasha


  1. “The extra financial side income can contribute a lot to their daily needs in terms of long-term. ”
  • Monica
  1. “Since the demand for organic food is growing at remarkable rate, hence we should seize the opportunity to earn more profits from producing it.”


  1. “It makes me happy when I am capable of doing something to provide help and support to other people. It gives me motivation to help more. “

-Bryan Siah

  1. “Success is where the preparation and teamwork meet. Hence, unity is strength and wonderful things can be achieved through it. “

-Elfreda Peter

  1. “Throughout this project, i have learnt that we should share and helps those whom we care especially those in need during this pandemic. "
  • Raidahyati
  1. “Their happiness of receiving support from us is my happiness. ”

-Hafiz Najmi


        9. because what you plant now, you will harvest later. ”



        10.  ”Happiness is not in the mere possession of money, because it lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort. ”