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Helping the Underprivileged Community

This proposal focused on TikTok marketing as a means to support income for rural entrepreneurs. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, it is crucial for rural businesses to leverage social media platforms to reach a wider audience, increase brand visibility, and generate revenue. TikTok, a rapidly growing social media platform, offers a unique opportunity to engage with a large user base and create impactful marketing campaigns. This proposal outlines our strategy and implementation plan to empower rural entrepreneurs through TikTok marketing.

RM 415.00
Goal: RM 415.00
Fund Approved by MSF: RM 1,000.00

Overview of Issue / Background

This proposal focused on TikTok marketing as a means to support income for rural entrepreneurs. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, it is crucial for rural businesses to leverage social media platforms to reach a wider audience, increase brand visibility, and generate revenue. TikTok, a rapidly growing social media platform, offers a unique opportunity to engage with a large user base and create impactful marketing campaigns. This proposal outlines our strategy and implementation plan to empower rural entrepreneurs through TikTok marketing.

Project Details (Activities and Tasks)

1) Content Creation

2) Training Program

3) Community Platform


Expected Project Result & Outcomes

The Digital TikTok Marketing for Rural Entrepreneurs project aims to achieve measurable and achievable outcomes that have a tangible impact on the participating entrepreneurs and their communities. The expected results include:


1. Increased Brand Visibility and Reach: Measure the growth in the number of followers, views, and engagements for rural entrepreneurs' TikTok accounts. Aim for a significant increase in the reach of their content, expanding their customer base beyond local boundaries and attracting a wider audience.


2. Improved Sales and Revenue Generation: Track the impact of TikTok marketing on sales and revenue for rural entrepreneurs. Monitor the growth in online orders, inquiries, and conversions directly attributed to TikTok campaigns. Set achievable targets for increasing sales and revenue within a specific timeframe.


3. Enhanced Entrepreneurial Skills: Assess the improvement in digital marketing skills and knowledge of participating entrepreneurs through pre and post-training evaluations. Measure their ability to create engaging TikTok content, analyze performance metrics, and adapt to market trends. Aim for a significant increase in their overall digital marketing proficiency.


4. Increased Employment Opportunities: Monitor the impact of the project on job creation within rural communities. Track the number of entrepreneurs who hire additional staff or expand their businesses as a result of increased sales and revenue. Measure the growth in employment opportunities within the participating entrepreneurs' ventures.


5. Strengthened Networking and Collaboration: Evaluate the level of engagement and collaboration among rural entrepreneurs within the project's online community platform. Measure the number of collaborative initiatives, shared resources, and mutual support among participants. Aim to foster a strong network that promotes knowledge exchange and collective growth.


6. Empowered Community Leaders: Assess the emergence of community leaders among the participating entrepreneurs. Measure the number of entrepreneurs who actively engage in mentoring, sharing best practices, and inspiring others within their communities. Aim to cultivate a culture of leadership and empowerment that extends beyond the project's scope.


7. Sustainability of TikTok Marketing Efforts: Evaluate the sustainability of TikTok marketing activities among rural entrepreneurs. Measure the continuation and growth of their TikTok presence even after the project's completion. Assess their ability to adapt to changing trends, consistently create content, and sustain customer engagement.


8. Positive Socio-Economic Impact: Assess the overall socio-economic impact of the project on participating entrepreneurs and their communities. Measure the increase in household income, improvements in living standards, and the multiplier effect of job creation and economic growth. Aim for measurable positive changes in the well-being of individuals and communities involved.


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RM 415.00

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Project Information

Instagram link   :
Project implementation date   :   2023-11-18
Number of beneficiaries   :   15 RURAL ENTREPRENEUR

Section I




  3. Facebook Link : -
  4. Instagram Link :
  5. Implementation Date : Day (1) - 18 November 2023

                                              Day (2) - 25 November 2023

                                              Day (3) - 14 December 2023

  1. Location of Project Held : University Malaysia Kelantan
  2. Beneficiary : Rural Entrepreneur around Kelantan
  3. Number of beneficiary: 15
  1. Summary of project goals with two sentences.
  • This project focused on TikTok marketing as a means to support income for rural entrepreneurs, and our goals in these projects to provide knowledge to rural entrepreneurs who want to start their business on the TikTok platform. Through this initiative, rural entrepreneurs can trade and earn income more easily after following our project.
  1. Did other fund-raising efforts contribute to your projects? What were they?
  •   No, we don’t have other fund-raising efforts to contribute to these projects.
  1. Provide details about how your projects actually worked
  •  Our project works when we receive list name of rural entrepreneurs around Kelantan that want to join us in this project. Mostly rural entrepreneurs from Pasir Mas, Pengkalan Chepa and also from Tanah Merah.
  • Then on day 1, we have research and inspiration, rural entrepreneurs have identified problem and setup new account for TikTok platform. After that, we're going to content strategies for business, rural entrepreneurs have to know about content planning, curation and also for research. Our team present about introduction for video production. We teach rural entrepreneurs how to edit, how to use Cap cut and Canva. We also teach how to do consistent posting, teach entrepreneurs right time to post content, tell them reason why should consistent post content. We also talk about engagement and analyzing insight that use to grow up their business and learn how to post correct content related to their business. Last activities for day 1 is building community with rural entrepreneurs. We teach rural entrepreneurs practice of collaborating through groups or individuals and share interest, comparable circumstances to address problem affecting those people’s well-being.
  • On day 2, we're optimizing problem. The problem of finding the best solution from all feasible solutions. We teach how to cross-promotion and also a form of marketing promotion to targeted with related product.
  • Day 3, we do consolidate entrepreneur's brand. Rural entrepreneurs do the photoshoot and try to market their brand to university student.
  1. Were there unanticipated difficulties? Budget constraints?
  • This project does not require a large allocation of budget since this project is only sharing knowledge and learning, but our difficulty lies in determining the time and day to do these projects. Because this project needs to be physically attended, this makes rural entrepreneurs and us as project managers have to adjust the time of rural entrepreneurs before making any decisions.

e. Language or cultural barriers?

  • We have language barriers because the rural entrepreneurs that involved is Kelantanase’s. The Kelantan accent, characterized by unique phonetic features and local expressions, may pose a language barrier as it differs significantly from standard or widely spoken dialects. This divergence can lead to communication challenges, misunderstandings, and difficulty in comprehension for those unfamiliar with specific nuances of the Kelantan accent.
  1. What worked well? What didn’t work well?
  • What worked well in the Digital TikTok Community project was the exceptional synergy and collaboration among contributors and rural entrepreneurs. This cohesive teamwork facilitated the seamless execution of various project tasks and objectives, allowing for efficient problem-solving and creative idealization. The diverse skill sets and perspectives brought to the table by each team member enriched the project's outcomes and fostered a sense of shared ownership and camaraderie.
  • Furthermore, the robust partnership between contributors and rural entrepreneurs was instrumental in driving the project's success. By leveraging the expertise and local knowledge of rural entrepreneurs, the project was able to effectively navigate the intricacies of the target community's needs and preferences. This collaborative approach not only enhanced the relevance and impact of the interventions but also fostered mutual respect and trust between all stakeholders involved.
  • However, while the teamwork and collaboration aspect of the project thrived, certain challenges were encountered along the way. One such challenge was the initial resistance or skepticism from some community members regarding the project's objectives or methods. Overcoming these barriers required patience, empathy, and proactive communication strategies to build rapport and garner support from all segments of the community.
  • Additionally, logistical constraints, such as limited access to technology or internet connectivity in rural areas, posed practical hurdles that required innovative solutions and adaptive strategies to mitigate. Despite these obstacles, the project's resilience and commitment to its core mission remained unwavering, ultimately contributing to its overall success and positive impact on the target community.
  1. How many people benefited or will benefit from your project? Who are these people?
  • The project aims to benefit 15 rural entrepreneurs by equipping them with knowledge and skills to leverage TikTok as a platform for their businesses. By teaching them how to effectively use TikTok, these entrepreneurs have the potential to reach a wider audience, increase their brand visibility, and ultimately boost their business growth.
  •  Additionally, their communities, may benefit indirectly as these entrepreneurs could potentially create job opportunities, stimulate local economies, and contribute to the overall development of their regions.
  • Thus, the project’s impact extends beyond just the entrepreneurs themselves to potentially benefiting their communities as well.
  1. What is the long-term impact and sustainability of this project? Is there a future for your project?
  • The long-term impact and sustainability of our project lie in its ability to catalyze systemic change and foster enduring community support networks. By addressing immediate needs while also advocating for broader social justice issues, our project lays the groundwork for sustainable solutions that transcend short-term interventions. Through awareness-raising efforts and community engagement, we aim to cultivate a culture of empathy and solidarity that endures beyond the project's lifespan.
  • Moreover, our project's future viability is reinforced by its adaptability and scalability. As we continue to learn and evolve, we can tailor our approach to meet the evolving needs of the community, ensuring relevance and effectiveness over time. By establishing partnerships with local stakeholders and fostering a sense of ownership among community members, we empower individuals to become agents of change in their own right, thereby extending the project's impact far into the future.
  • Ultimately, the sustainability of our project hinges on its ability to inspire lasting social change and cultivate a sense of collective responsibility for the well-being of all community members. By nurturing a legacy of compassion, advocacy, and empowerment, we ensure that the project's impact endures, enriching lives and fostering resilience for generations to come.

Section II

  1. In several paragraphs, address each of the following questions :
      1. How does or will your project contribute to happiness? Short-term? Long-term?
  •  In the short term, our project contributes to happiness by directly addressing the immediate needs of individuals in our community, such as providing bicycles for transportation, which enhances their mobility and access to opportunities, thereby improving their overall well-being and satisfaction.
  •  In the long term, our project fosters happiness by promoting systemic change and social cohesion. By raising awareness, advocating for the less fortunate, and fostering a culture of compassion and support, we contribute to building a more equitable society where everyone has the opportunity to thrive, thus fostering a lasting sense of happiness and fulfillment among all community members.
      1. Has your project changed the way you think about the world? How has it changed you?
  • Engaging in this project has been a profound journey that has reshaped my outlook on society and depend my understanding of the struggles faced by the less fortunate. It has sensitized me to the myriad challenges encountered by marginalized individuals within our community. Through direct involvement and collaboration with local stakeholders, I’ve come to appreciate the profound impact even modest interventions, such as providing knowledge that can have on improving their quality of life and also can make some money.
  • Moreover, this experience has underscored the significance of community solidarity and collective action in addressing societal inequities. Witnessing the coming together of diverse individuals, irrespective of their backgrounds, to effect positive change has been truly inspiring. It has taught me that genuine compassion knows no bounds and that even seemingly small acts of kindness can ripple outward, fostering tangible improvements and uplifting the lives of others.
  • In essence, this journey has not only heightened my awareness of social injustices but has also instilled within me a sense of duty to advocate for meaningful change and to actively contribute to building a more equitable and compassionate society.
  • Moreover, this experience has instilled within me a sense of responsibility to perpetuate positive change and advocate for a more compassionate and supportive society. It has emphasized that every act of kindness, no matter how small, contributes to the creation of a more inclusive and caring community for all. Moving forward, I am committed to continuing my engagement and actively contributing to initiatives aimed at enhancing the quality of life for those in need, recognizing that collective efforts are essential in effecting lasting and meaningful change.
  1. Complete this section with a one to sentences personal statement, suitable for use as a quotation, addressing how and why this project was valuable and what was the most important thing you learned as a result. (Indicate student’s name for quote attribution.)
  •  This project was invaluable in teaching me the transformative power of small acts of kindness and community solidarity. Through it, I learned that even the simplest gestures can make a profound difference in the lives of others, reaffirming my belief in the importance of compassion and collective action." - [Seri Najwa Amira]

Section III


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