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    FATIMAS Healthy Bread

     RM6,980.00 / RM10,000.00
    [Compassion has great energy to fuel gracious ambitions]
    Tolong Tolong‼ Please Help Out‼ We are all capable of helping them (cancer patients)

    The founder of FATIMAS - Mr. Simon Yip, has signed up to participate in the "Bald and Beautiful 4.0" event and will shave his head at 2pm on 22nd December 2021. This fundraising event is hosted by My Starfish Foundation once every three years, and is a cancer awareness program. ❤️

    We hope to assist My Starfish Foundation to raise RM 10,000 in donations to fund cancer research for prevention, diagnosis and for cancer treatment ❤️ At the same time, FATIMAS will reward the first 100 kind donors who donate RM100 and more with a pack of FATIMAS germinated whole wheat bread ❤️

    FATIMAS hereby appeals to everyone to work together to respond to this event ❤️

    Compassionate donors who donate one hundred ringgit or more are requested to click on the Whatsapp link below to contact our assistant to receive a pack of FATIMAS Germinated Whole Wheat Bread ❤
    Whatsapp/call : 017-725 5031 (Penny)

    Mr. Simon Yip hereby appeals to us ❤ that we work hard together, make progress together, agree with each other and help each other‼ ❤️ Please remember that compassion has great energy so gracious ambitions can be fulfilled ❤️

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