My Starfish Foundation - Project For Hapiness
    Projects For Happiness
  • An initiative by My Starfish Foundation (formerly known as Khind Starfish Foundation) since 2014, this project is for all undergraduates in Malaysia to design grassroots programs, anywhere in Malaysia, which promotes happiness and addresses the root causes of poverty and poor education.

  • Project Categories

    We encourage applicants to employ innovative techniques and creativity to engage participants in ways that focus on:

    1. Arts & Culture
    2. Animal Welfare
    3. Environmental Protection
    4. Helping the Underprivileged
    5. Racial Harmony
    6. Quality Education

  • Values

    We want to encourage nationwide sustainable community initiatives by finding creative ways to help uplift the lives of those who are socio-economically challenged. We believe that we all, everyone, in their own way should give back to society.

  • Who Can Apply

    Undergraduates in any Malaysian university are eligible to apply.

    We welcome both group and individual submissions.

  • Grant

    Each selected submission will be awarded a grant, up to a maximum of RM10,000.00.

  • How To Apply

    1. Submit your registration here
        Submit a proposal according to guidelines inside email after your registration.
    2. Upload infographics to Instagram that describe your project.
    3. Tag @mystarfishfoundation #projectsforhappiness2022

  • Crowdfunding

    Once a proposal has been selected, the student(s) has to raise a minimum of 15% of the total project cost or a certain amount decided by judges before funding will be awarded.

    Please note that this initial 15% or certain amount shall be raised from a minimum of 10 persons.

  • Special Criteria

    In view of the COVID-19 pandemic, Projects for Happiness has pivoted our direction that all the participant's projects for submission are required to organise event according to SOP and the possibilities of hybrid event (offline/virtual) based on your project needs.

  • Timeline

    10 January – 31 May
    • Submit your registration here
    • Submit a proposal according to the guideline inside email.
    • Upload infographics to Instagram that describe your project.
      Tagged @mystarfishfoudation #projectsforhappiness2022
    • Shortlisted candidates will be called for proposal presentation through email/call/WhatsApp
    • Judging sessions will be held via Zoom and stream live on Facebook.
    • Shortlisted candidates are required to prepare a 8 minutes presentation with slides.
    • Judges will announce their decision during judging session after your presentation.
    • Selected projects will receive an official letter via email.
    • Selected project will need to crowdfund and forms will be given (Offer Letter, Fundraising Form, Agreement Form, and Student Committee List) after judging session.
    • At least 4 posts about project updates every month on social media accounts
      Platform: Facebook or Instagram
      Tagged @mystarfishfoundation #projectsforhappiness2022
    July - November
    • Crowdfunding and form submission
      • Project Fundraising Form
      • Student Agreement Form
      • Student Committee List
    • Selected project will have to attend workshops organised by My Starfish Foundation
    • Project implementation
    • Submit final report
    • Final presentations via Facebook live. The exact date will be announced via email.